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3 hiking gadgets you didn’t know you needed in your life

Posted by Joshua Smith on


Getting quality hiking gadgets can be a challenge these days, what with the broad array of products available out there. One can end up feeling just a little baffled as to which one needs to be picked. I’ve put together a list of three of cool hiking gadgets I came across while browsing through the amazing discoveries that the Internet has to offer.

  1.  The Safety Sipper Water Filter Straw

One of the most unpleasant things to deal with while you’re trying to find your way through the woods is dealing with hydration. On the one hand, carrying water bottles with you is counterproductive as you probably have a lot of other gear you have to bring with you. In case you end up in a bit of a mess, you need a first aid kit as well as other things that might get you out of trouble.

The Safety Sipper is entirely safe to use. It’s basically a filter that can be used with any natural water source as long as you know that it is clean enough. You can drink water from any river or stream. The pack contains a variety of straws that will allow you to drink right from the source.

This is just an example I stumbled upon, but there’s a broad array of portable water filters you can take with you. Some come in the form of actual bottles so you can take them with you.

  1. Weather radios all the way

These gadgets have been around for quite some time now and are mostly used by folks who live in areas prone to all sorts of natural disasters. Usually, they receive both the traditional AM and FM bands, thus allowing you to listen to the typical channels broadcasted in the area you’re hiking, but they also receive the 7 NOAA channels.

In case a storm is headed your way, you can find out all about it ahead of time. This feature can save your life, meaning that it will give you the hours you might require to get out of harm’s way.

Besides, many models can do a lot of things. Portable weather radios can be powered via a hand crank, solar panels, and might even come with a built-in power bank. If there is cell reception where you’re hiking, you might even be able to use the device for charging your smartphone. It stands to reason that it should, however, come with a USB port.

  1. A biomass camping stove

These stoves have become quite popular during recent years, and for a bunch of reasons. If you find yourself in need of a decent meal and there’s no way for you to whip up something up, you definitely need a biomass camping stove like Enki, for instance. You’ll be able any kind of biomass you can gather from branches to leaves and anything else.