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4 gadgets you need if you use an RV camper

Posted by Joshua Smith on


As a passionate traveler, I always look for the most convenient ways to travel to as many places as possible. And while online hosting platforms and last-minute flights could do the trick once in a while, there is no doubt that internal flights still cost a fortune. So why not give the nomad life a chance and try traveling on your own at least for a few weeks? RVs are very in right now and, let’s face it, some of them look even more luxurious than four-star hotels. Moreover, you get to do your own schedule, plan your own visits, and wake up in a different city every morning.

So what’s next apart from an RV? The right choice of gadgets that will certainly make your life more comfortable as a camper. And this seems to be your lucky day, as I am really enthusiast about all gadgets for so I’m here to deliver you the best items you can purchase in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Cool and affordable RV backup camera

Security is a very important issue no matter where you travel, so we suggest you keep some backup data about your travel journey through a good RV camera. This way you’ll always park well and will be informed about everything that is going on around your RV, even when you’re not driving. It’s like your own portable surveillance system, so make sure the one you choose will perform in all weather conditions. It would be best to invest in a waterproof and dust-proof camera that will be able to deliver you qualitative images regardless of the weather outside.


Mini solar panels

As technology becomes more and more present in our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that you should always travel with an extra energy source to charge all your devices. Laptops, cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets are part of our lives right now and it’s never funny when you run out of juice exactly when you are about to take a great picture of the places you visit. And, since power is always available when the sun is out, why not benefit from it to the max?

Purchase a mini solar panel so you can rest assured you have enough energy to watch TV, play music or browse the Internet on your smart devices.

Roof gutter extenders

RV campers don’t always enjoy the sunny weather and, to be honest, being stuck in an RV during heavy rain is no fun at all. If you want to protect your vehicle from leaks and water infiltrations that can later damage your wheelhouse, you should definitely consider some roof drip extenders to make sure water is directed on the ground and not inside your home.




Cool Stuff

3 hiking gadgets you didn’t know you needed in your life

Posted by Joshua Smith on


Getting quality hiking gadgets can be a challenge these days, what with the broad array of products available out there. One can end up feeling just a little baffled as to which one needs to be picked. I’ve put together a list of three of cool hiking gadgets I came across while browsing through the amazing discoveries that the Internet has to offer.

  1.  The Safety Sipper Water Filter Straw

One of the most unpleasant things to deal with while you’re trying to find your way through the woods is dealing with hydration. On the one hand, carrying water bottles with you is counterproductive as you probably have a lot of other gear you have to bring with you. In case you end up in a bit of a mess, you need a first aid kit as well as other things that might get you out of trouble.

The Safety Sipper is entirely safe to use. It’s basically a filter that can be used with any natural water source as long as you know that it is clean enough. You can drink water from any river or stream. The pack contains a variety of straws that will allow you to drink right from the source.

This is just an example I stumbled upon, but there’s a broad array of portable water filters you can take with you. Some come in the form of actual bottles so you can take them with you.

  1. Weather radios all the way

These gadgets have been around for quite some time now and are mostly used by folks who live in areas prone to all sorts of natural disasters. Usually, they receive both the traditional AM and FM bands, thus allowing you to listen to the typical channels broadcasted in the area you’re hiking, but they also receive the 7 NOAA channels.

In case a storm is headed your way, you can find out all about it ahead of time. This feature can save your life, meaning that it will give you the hours you might require to get out of harm’s way.

Besides, many models can do a lot of things. Portable weather radios can be powered via a hand crank, solar panels, and might even come with a built-in power bank. If there is cell reception where you’re hiking, you might even be able to use the device for charging your smartphone. It stands to reason that it should, however, come with a USB port.

  1. A biomass camping stove

These stoves have become quite popular during recent years, and for a bunch of reasons. If you find yourself in need of a decent meal and there’s no way for you to whip up something up, you definitely need a biomass camping stove like Enki, for instance. You’ll be able any kind of biomass you can gather from branches to leaves and anything else.




Cool Stuff

5 awesome gifts for your outdoorsy friends

Posted by Joshua Smith on


Do you have friends who prefer spending a lot of time hiking, trekking, camping, or enjoying any other kind of activities under the blue sky, away from the maddening crowd? This means that you should be armed with some excellent ideas for gifts when special occasions, like their birthdays, are around the corner. We want to help you out by offering you some fresh ideas on gifts catering specifically to such individuals.



Surfcity Paracord Grenade

Paracord is something that you should never go without if you are planning to embark on an outdoor adventure. The Surfcity Paracord Grenade is a solution to everything you need. Artistically wrapping a few good feet of paracord in the shape of a grenade, it also serves another practical purpose. Inside it, you will find essential stuff, like a knife, matches, a key ring, fishing hooks, and many other things.


Stanley Shot Glasses Plus Carrying Case

There is absolutely no way that your friend won’t get thirsty while spending time hiking. This set that includes four 2-ounce shot glasses, plus a carrying case, is just what they need. Made from durable stainless steel, these glasses will not rust and will not break. Plus, you don’t have to worry about BPA leaking into your drinking water.


Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Cooking in the wild can be a real challenge. That is why you can indeed help your friend by offering them a cool cooking system that comes equipped with everything needed. You only have to press a button to make the system start, and within just two minutes, you can have boiling water to use for making soup, coffee, or anything else you may be in the mood for.

The canister tripod ensures that the system will not topple over by accident. An interesting aspect is a color-changing indicator that will let you know when the water inside the container is hot.



Waterproofing wax

There is no doubt about it. When you spend a lot of time hiking and camping, the chances are that rain will happen at least once or twice during your trip. What can be more convenient than waterproofing wax that you can rub onto almost everything, to prevent your valuable items from taking water damage?


Books on everything outdoorsy

Your friend may be the kind who simply has everything they want. However, while they may have everything, they cannot know everything. So, a perfect gift for that outdoorsy friend in your life can be a book on how to survive in the woods, from splitting wood to shucking oysters. The next time your pal embarks on a new adventure and finds a use for the practical advice on the book you gave them, they will think of you. There is hardly a better gift than the gift of knowledge.